The Best Car Commercials of all Time

Car adverts come and go, but even with the passage of time, there are some car commercials that stick in the mind. Here are five of the best:

1. Honda – The Cog
Released in 2003, this advert was devised to revitalise Honda’s flagging image, and to bolster vehicle sales in the UK. The commercial was the mastermind of Wieden+Kennedy, and it showcased car parts rolling onto each other in a domino effect, culminating with the finished product of a Honda Accord Sport Wagon. The two-minute advert took 606 takes to perfect, without the use of any digital trickery. As well as being a YouTube hit, the commercial scooped every advertising award going that year.

2. Audi – Old Luxury
The ‘Old Luxury Just Got Put On Notice’ ad from Audi hit the screens in 2009. Despite only being aired twice, it left its mark on the advertising world, earning the status as one of the most iconic car commercials ever. Featuring an Audi R8, the 60-second advert was inspired by scenes from Oscar-winning flick, The Godfather, where the character Moe Green – played by Alex Rocco – wakes up from his bed screaming, to discover something unusual lurking between his sheets. Venables Bell & Partners were the creatives behind the commercial, using The Godfather theme to suggest a struggle between old and new power, with Audi symbolising a new force in luxury.

3. Audi – The Chase
Audi hits the headlines again with another attention-grabbing commercial, this time showcasing its A6 vehicle. On air in 2009, this high-energy, action-packed advert involved actor Jason Statham behind the wheel of a range of vehicles dating back to previous decades. As he attempts to avoid being followed, he eventually winds up in the current decade, finding a more suitable getaway car in the shape of an Audi A6. A highlight of this 60-second advert is when Jason bombs right through a billboard.

4. Nissan – Enjoy the Ride
It was the Nissan 300zx that was featured and promoted in this 1996 campaign, but it wasn’t the car itself that took the spotlight. The $200 million campaign was inspired by the Toy Story film, and included characters akin to Barbie, Ken and GI Joe, with Van Halen’s ‘You Really Got Me’ hit as a backing track. Although the commercial bagged plenty of advertising awards, it was highly controversial. Toymaker Mattel claimed that the dolls and other toys used in the advert were replicas of its brand, and the carmaker had violated its copyrights and trademarks, causing irreparable damage to Mattel’s reputation.

5. Citroën – Grace Jones
In 1985, singer Grace Jones teamed up with director Jean-Paul Goude to create a 45-second advert for Citroën CX. The advert was deemed one of its kind, and its originality has not been matched by anything since. From the chasms of her open mouth, viewers witness Grace driving the CX at speed in a dusty landscape. Interestingly, the advert was banned in several countries.

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