Top smartphone driving apps

Apps have revolutionised the way we receive information, stay informed, and interact with each other. A flurry of highly useful apps have been developed with drivers in mind, making the car journey from A to B that much easier. Here are some of the best driving apps every savvy motorist should download onto their smartphone.

phone holder for cars


Finding a parking space is arguably one of the most frustrating aspects about driving, but with this app, it can make the process less stressful. There are over 250,000 spaces loaded onto the database of this app, so wherever you are in the UK, it will point you in the right direction of somewhere to park, either short or long term, and what you can expect to pay – ideal if you’re heading into unfamiliar territory. Even better, the app lets you pay for your parking space or even rent your space out.

With fuel prices soaring, drivers will be keen to find the best deal whenever they need to fill up their tank. This Android and iOS app fulfils this task perfectly, and has amassed a following of over 1.7 million users. Wherever you are in the UK, the app will let you know where your nearest and cheapest petrol station is, from its database of over 8,000 forecourts, of which 98% of them are updated daily.

Waze mobile phone app


If you’re looking for a navigation map that offers real-time data on the state of the roads, this free Android and iOS compatible app is a good one to choose. The beauty of this app is that users update it, so it offers live information on aspects such as traffic jams, accidents and other road hazards. The app can even inform your friends of your estimated time of arrival.


Staying within the law when you’re driving is important, to avoid a hefty fine or points off your licence, and knowing when you’re about to approach a speed camera can help to keep you within the speed limits. The CamerAlert app is a really handy tool for informing drivers of any speed cameras in your current location. It uses a GPS system that warns you when a camera is approaching, and can be used alongside standard SatNav systems.

Find My Car

Unless your car is shocking pink or a sunny shade of yellow, there’s probably been a time when you’ve returned from a shopping trip struggling to remember where you parked your car. Rather than wandering around a multi-storey, aimlessly trying to remember your registration number, this handy app can do the search work for you. It uses GPS to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle, even detailing the quickest walking route to reunite you with your motor.

Once you’ve got the top driving apps downloaded onto your smartphone, make sure you’ve got the most reliable vehicle to get around in. At ALD Automotive, our fleet management and vehicle leasing solutions will ensure you get from A to B as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

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