Why fleet management is important

A successful fleet management company considers these points with importance when managing a fleet. ALD Automotive assures everyone that every one of these are executed in an effective and professional manner.

Cost reduction and risk management is the primary objective of every fleet management company. Driving down costs as much as possible and maintaining efficiency and safety standards is paramount for every fleet. Continue reading “Why fleet management is important”

Profleet 2 is “pro-fleet” Indeed

Profleet 2 Telematics is one of the best services of ALD Automotive. It has garnered recognition from our clients. This service from ALD helps to manage the costs of fleet managers, while reducing the risks that drivers and fleet managers may encounter at the roads. Profleet 2 Telematics can also improve your company’s efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint, which should serve to satisfy government requirements. With all these being offered by just one exceptional service, it’s no wonder why ALD is regarded as one of the best companies in providing fleet management solutions. Continue reading “Profleet 2 is “pro-fleet” Indeed”