10 Must-Remember Dashboard Lights in Your Leased Car

Learn what the following dashboard signal lights mean and what you must do to ensure a safe and smooth driving experience.


Whether you’re driving a manual or an automatic shift leased vehicle, it is important to understand what those dashboard lights signify… and indeed what you must do when they start blinking at you.

These ten important dashboard warning lights can help you to anticipate a potential car malfunction… or even full-on failure: Continue reading “10 Must-Remember Dashboard Lights in Your Leased Car”

Get to Know ALD’s Short Term Hire Services

We’ve listed everything you need to know about ALD’s Short Term Hire services… we’ll have you on the move in no time!

ALD Automotive continues to find the fastest and most convenient way to keep you and your company ‘on the road.’ We offer the most comprehensive rental choice that guarantees flexible and exceptional service solutions!

ALD’s Short Term Hire is about forging long-lasting partnerships with our valued customers. By committing our time and understanding, we can provide the right vehicle services that best fit the drivers. Continue reading “Get to Know ALD’s Short Term Hire Services”