Dealing with the Horrors of Depreciation

Dealing with the Horrors of Depreciation - ALD Automotive

A process by which a car’s rate loses value over time, vehicle depreciation is one of the biggest factors that can have a long-term effect on your finances; however, it is often overlooked. Continue reading “Dealing with the Horrors of Depreciation”

Benefits of Online Mileage Capture


The online mileage capture system offers multiple benefits that your business can enjoy.

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Uncovering Hidden Car Lease Fees

In any form of lease, prices that are too good to be true might make you think twice – are there any ‘hidden fees’ you have not been made aware of? Truth is, they aren’t really ‘hidden’ – but they are only disclosed upon the actual lease or procurement of the car.

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Automotive Leasing: A Smart Decision for Businesses

leasing for business

More and more businesses are turning to automotive leasing to finance their next business vehicle – be it a sole trader looking for a new car or a limited company that is growing a business fleet. Unlike an outright purchase, contract hiring offers a multitude of benefits that help businesses to save on financial and operational costs: Continue reading “Automotive Leasing: A Smart Decision for Businesses”

10 Must-Remember Dashboard Lights in Your Leased Car

Learn what the following dashboard signal lights mean and what you must do to ensure a safe and smooth driving experience.

Whether you’re driving a manual or an automatic shift leased vehicle, it is important to understand what those dashboard lights signify… and indeed what you must do when they start blinking at you.

These ten important dashboard warning lights can help you to anticipate a potential car malfunction… or even full-on failure: Continue reading “10 Must-Remember Dashboard Lights in Your Leased Car”