Things to Check Before Outsourcing Your Fleet

Things to Check Before Outsourcing Your Fleet - ALD Automotive

With the many benefits that outsourcing can provide, fleet companies are now choosing this management system as it makes fleet operations more efficient – reducing recruitment responsibilities. However, it is only feasible if you take the right approach.

Take a careful look and analyse these points before you decide to outsource your fleet management!

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Dealing with the Horrors of Depreciation

Dealing with the Horrors of Depreciation - ALD Automotive

A process by which a car’s rate loses value over time, vehicle depreciation is one of the biggest factors that can have a long-term effect on your finances; however, it is often overlooked. Continue reading “Dealing with the Horrors of Depreciation”

7 Tips for Proper Telematics Implementation


More than making your life easier, vehicle telematics is perhaps one of the best investments as it also expands the benefits in businesses. It is a form of telecommunications where information about the vehicle, such as speed and location, are transferred to a remote computer in a company for monitoring. For a successful operation, careful and proper comprehension of how this technology works is essential – to make the most out of your investment. Continue reading “7 Tips for Proper Telematics Implementation”