Have a Safe Trip!

Christmas is nearly upon us, so if you’re planning a trip to see your loved ones over the festive period, finding the safest routes to take will be high on your agenda – and rightly so. Although the number of fatalities on British roads has fallen, this isn’t the case for the amount of accidents. With safe travels in mind, here are some key considerations when planning your journey.

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Speed Bumps: Kicking up a Stink

It’s estimated that air pollution contributes to 25,000 deaths in England annually, and with many cities pumping out pollutants that exceed legal limits, the government is under pressure to act.

The environment secretary Michael Gove has acknowledged that something needs to be done to slash air pollution in the UK and in a 98-page document, he suggests that getting rid of speed bumps on roads could tackle this pervasive problem.
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Does the Colour of your Car Affect your Insurance Premiums?

There are various factors that can affect how much your car insurance costs and many people assume that colour is one of them. In fact, a survey carried out by Insure.com concluded that 46% of drivers questioned believed that red cars were more expensive to insure. Is there any truth to this colour-related theory?


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