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Dealing with the Horrors of Depreciation

A process by which a car’s rate loses value over time, vehicle depreciation is one of the biggest factors that can have a long-term effect on your finances; however, it is often overlooked.

Benefits of Online Mileage Capture - ALD Automotive

Benefits of Online Mileage Capture

The online mileage capture system offers multiple benefits that your business can enjoy.


7 Tips for Proper Telematics Implementation

More than making your life easier, vehicle telematics is perhaps one of the best investments as it also expands the benefits in businesses. It is a form of telecommunications where information about the vehicle, such as speed and location, are transferred to a remote computer in a company for monitoring. For a successful operation, careful ...


Travelling Overseas With ALD Leased Cars

As one of the leading vehicle leasing and fleet management companies in the UK, ALD Automotive guarantees the finest quality solutions for your transportation needs. Whether travelling abroad for business or pleasure, vehicle leasing UK has never been easier; just keep in mind the following considerations:


More Success in Business with ALD’s Trade Van Solution

ALD, one of the most reliable vehicle leasing companies in the UK, recently released its new van conversion solution called ‘Trade Van.’ This solution allows the clients to order fit-for-purpose vehicles that are made according to their needs and preferences. Here are the reasons why you should consider ALD’s Trade Van for your business: