Industry Memberships You Should Look For in a Vehicle Leasing Company

Vehicle Leasing Company

Choosing a trustworthy vehicle leasing company in the UK can be a bit challenging. To help you weigh up all your options, you should consider checking their accredited industry memberships – these affiliations endorse a businesses’ compliance with the industry standards set by well-known organisations. Continue reading “Industry Memberships You Should Look For in a Vehicle Leasing Company”

Unintentional Damage to Your ALD Leased Car


We all have different driving habits but we are not always aware that some of our traits are damaging to our leased cars: Continue reading “Unintentional Damage to Your ALD Leased Car”

How to Maximise Leased Car Security

How to Maximise Leased Car Security

For motorists, security should always be a topmost priority – especially with leased cars. As the security trends become more complex, criminals are developing their cunning tactics to commit car theft. With that in mind, motorists should make a habit of keeping themselves up to speed with the latest dirty tactics – the secret is to outsmart them!

Continue reading “How to Maximise Leased Car Security”

Travelling Overseas With ALD Leased Cars


As one of the leading vehicle leasing and fleet management companies in the UK, ALD Automotive guarantees the finest quality solutions for your transportation needs. Whether travelling abroad for business or pleasure, vehicle leasing UK has never been easier; just keep in mind the following considerations: Continue reading “Travelling Overseas With ALD Leased Cars”

Driving Precautions: Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Sharing the Road with Cyclists

It is important for motorists to practice careful and cautious driving every day, especially when sharing the road with cyclists; during recent years, the UK’s cycling community has increased rapidly. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the involvement of cyclists in road accidents has escalated, with over 100 deaths and more than 3,000 injuries reported in Britain each year. (Source: BBC) Continue reading “Driving Precautions: Sharing the Road with Cyclists”