Why fleet management is important

A successful fleet management company considers these points with importance when managing a fleet. ALD Automotive assures everyone that every one of these are executed in an effective and professional manner.

Cost reduction and risk management is the primary objective of every fleet management company. Driving down costs as much as possible and maintaining efficiency and safety standards is paramount for every fleet.

Drivers are literally the driving force for fleets everywhere, and managing them is important as the vehicle itself. The proper selection of drivers for every trip is essential as the right man for the job can prevent problems in the long run. Creating an accurate profile for every one of them is useful for this as it contains their driving records, their experience, and their qualifications. Some vehicles need more qualifications, for example, trucks or specialized and often dangerous vehicles. Their psychological profiles are also important since it shows their temperament, their likelihood for taking breaks, or their usual driving habits. Drivers also need reasonable amounts of resting time, and precise sleeping schedules is a requirement to keep them alert when they drive.

Vehicles also present their own logistical problems. Constant maintenance is necessary and they need to be in peak condition before every assignment. If a driver ever gets hurt because of faulty maintenance, it can spell massive costs and personal injury suits for the business. While maintaining the vehicle does add additional costs, they will be safer and perform to their maximum potential. This results in faster and safer trips, better fuel efficiency, and extends the lifetime of the vehicle.

Fuel efficiency is another problem that concerns fleet management. Gas is definitely expensive, and should be used to its full potential for every trip.

Telematics track the progress and performance of the fleet. It collects other important data like their position and fuel efficiency. It’s also useful for clients who want to inquire about the progress of an assignment, for example, deliveries. And if the vehicle is ever stolen, vehicle telematics can easily locate them, making it a valuable asset in reducing costs.

Routes should be completely planned for any scenario possible. Time is money after all, and the fastest and safe roads are the best path for fleets. This may not be possible at times, so risk management and choosing the right driver can mean a huge difference between a safe trip or an accident. Preparing backup plans for any emergencies during the trip can make up for lost time.

Abiding the law. Vehicles used in businesses are held to a higher standard compared to regular drivers. Requirements set out by the law need to be followed, or else the business employing a problematic driver or vehicle can face heavy fines, especially if they have caused any damage or injuries during work.

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